Helpful Contacts

The RAP cannot provide legal advice or legal assistance. For questions or assistance regarding your rights or with your case, please contact one of the advocacy organizations below.

Rent Adjustment Drop-In Services at Housing Assistance Center

Rent Adjustment Program Analysts are available for walk-in consultations.

250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 6th Floor
Drop-in Hours:

Monday & Wednesday- 9am-12 noon
Tuesday & Thursday- 10am-12noon & 2-4pm
Friday- No Drop in hours

Causa Justa / Just Cause

Contact this organization when you have questions regarding tenant’s rights and available tenant services.

3022 International Blvd. Suite 205, Oakland, CA 94601
510.TENANTS or 510.836.2687

Oakland Tenants Union

Contact this organization when you have questions on tenants rights or need assistance with a tenant petition.

P.O. Box 10573 Oakland CA 94610
tel: (510) 704-5276

CA Customer Affairs-California Tenants

Provides information to tenants about their rights under state law

East Bay Rental Housing Association (EBRHA)

Contact this organization when you have questions about your rights as a property owner or need assistance with owner petition or RAP case.

3664 Grand Avenue, Suite B
Oakland, CA 94610
tel: 510-893-9873

Oakland/ Berkeley Association of Realtors

Contact this organization with questions regarding real property rights.

2855 Telegraph Ave. Suite 600
Berkeley, CA 94705
tel: (510) 848-4288